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July 9th - Progress Report

The last Dojo HQ update was almost 7 weeks ago and yes, we should have been finished by now but… well, we’re not. Not yet. As with any project of this size, their have been some delays. The main one being the re-wire, we’re now into week 9 of what was quoted as a 2 week job and we’re likely to only get room 1 done before September with the current electrician. It’s been frustratingly slow but the delay essentially stopped ALL work for quite a number of weeks because we couldn’t finish walls etc… until the first fix was done. This has also caused us to lose some tradesmen that we’re due to start (joiner!) but couldn’t because the wiring wasn’t finished. As with most things, it’s faster to do jobs yourself and Sensei Michael has ended up jumping in to get a lot of the cables run etc… to speed the job along.

We’ve been working very hard getting as much done as possible and room 2, is very nearly done, but again, this can’t be finished fully until the Electrician has run the cables.

The electrician has been back on site over the past few days and we’ve started to gain some momentum again. The mains power will be switched on on Tuesday 16th July (if everything goes to plan).

Room 1 outstanding

We’ve got a few floor tiles to lay (needed cutting down first)

A little bit of skirting around the reception area

2 shelves added to built in storage

Bag/shoe storage fixed to the wall

New Ceiling tiles put in place (can’t be done until Electrician is finished with the lights & sockets)

Electrical Sockets put in place & wired up

Stair/office/homework room carpet

Lights/Water Heaters/Hand Dryers wired up in toilets

Doors to hang in toilets/changing rooms/office (Joiner will be doing this this week)

Room 2 outstanding

A few bits of wall to board up (once electrician has ran the wires), plaster & paint

Skirting board made/painted/fixed

Lights and sockets

Level patches of the concrete floor

Flooring laid for kitchen/seating area

As you can see, their isn’t actually very much to do. The past few weeks have been very frustrating but hopefully you can see by the photos that we’re almost there.

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