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To start with, you don't need any special equipment or clothing - just loose fitting clothes and a bottle of water will do. 

If after a few weeks, you are sure you want to continue then you can purchase a Karate suit, gloves and a whole range of other equipment so that you can safely practise at home between classes. 


Suit & Belt

from £20

All kids sizes are £20, adult sizes cost a little bit more. 

We usually have all sizes in stock, please speak to Lynne to pick one up. 

Little Ninjas Suit & Belt


Little Ninjas wear a regular Karate suit, but they come printed with 'Little Ninjas' on the back and their name embroidered on the front. 

These must be ordered from Amy at the club (please pay when ordering)



£ various

Gloves £15 (pair)

...available in Red or Blue

Shin & Instep pads £25 (pair)

...available in Red or Blue

Focus Pads & Shields

From £20 

Karate Licence (Annually)

After 10 weeks or 10 Lessons (which ever is the sooner), a student is expected to have become a purchase a Karate licence. 

  • It provides personal insurance cover against injury.

  • It provides Third Party liability whilst practising karate

  • It provides individual membership to the English Karate Federation (EKF) and with it all the benefits of membership to the Karate Governing Body.

  • It is mandatory for grading.

  • It is an official grading record.

  • It is required for participation in all competitions.

Your instructor will hand out licence forms when you need to first apply for a licence, but each student is responsible for renewing their own licence annually - just like ANY OTHER insurance policy.