Club Membership

If after a few sessions you decide that you like it, you will need to become a Member of the Karate Club AND buy a Karate Licence.

Students, especially juniors are continually being assessed, (whether they realise it or not). Beginners must be 'signed off' by two instructors in order to be accepted as club members, there is also a membership fee to pay. Club membership is compulsory after 6 weeks or 6 lessons (which ever is the sooner).

Being a member of the club allows students to benefit from attending our subsidised training courses and enter our annual club-only championships! Club Membership also allows a student to apply for a Karate Licence (see below).




New Membership


All Ages


Student receives a free Gum Shield with membership

Karate Licence


After 10 weeks or 10 Lessons (which ever is the sooner), a student is expected to have become a member of our association.

Karate Licence (Annually)

(WAKF - Wado Aiwakai Karate-Do Federation)

After 10 weeks or 10 Lessons (which ever is the sooner), a student is expected to have become a member of our association -Aiwakai, this includes the students Karate 'licence' which is needed for the following reasons:

  • It provides personal insurance cover against injury.

  • It provides Third Party liability whilst practising karate

  • It provides individual membership to the English Karate Federation (EKF) and with it all the benefits of membership to the Karate Governing Body.

  • It is mandatory for grading.

  • It is an official grading record.

  • It is required for participation in all competitions.

Hartlepool Wadokai does NOT issue full licence's.

Each student is responsible for renewing their own licence annually - just like ANY OTHER insurance policy.

You can find out more information about Aiwakai and upcoming events, download national newsletters by visiting the Aiwakai website.

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