Hi there welcome to your section of the Hartlepool Wadokai Karate Club website. This area will grow over time with stuff that you kids want and things you need to know about your Karate club ( but not the stuffy important things adults need to be concerned with ).So to make this area cool I need your help, I need you to tell me what you would like in here, you could even send stuff to be added. If you want to send anything the email address is hartlepoolwadokai@yahoo.co.uk and you never know it could be here for all to see. If you've done anything special and you want to tell the club about it just email us.

Ok the first thing we need to do is give our new page mascot a name, ( thats the guy at the top of this page ) like you he is young and does Karate and if you look at the badge on your 'gi ',( your Karate suit ),you can see his dad standing in the sea. Maybe We could run a competition to see who can think up a good name for him. The next thing is the name of this area. At the moment its Kids Klub but maybe we could find something better, what do you think ? email your ideas to, hartlepoolwadokai@yahoo.co.uk

Maybe Sensei Carl or Sensei Lynne will give out a prize to the winners.

Good luck everyone and come back soon.