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2009 News


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Hartlepool Boxing Day Dip 2009
Saturday 26th December 2009,

The freezing cold weather didn't stop some of the Hartlepool Wadokai students from braving the North Sea on Boxing day, supervised by the HM Coastguard, the RNLI and of course Mr Vince. The clubs performed this crazy feat to raise funds for the club!

See the gallery for more pics of this....


Hartlepool Wadokai Christmas Party
Saturday 19th December 2009,

The weather simply decided not to co-operate on the evening that was supposed to be our Christmas Party. We had some of the worst blizzards in living memory and even the towns taxi companies decided not to venture out - meaning that a whole bunch of our very own party goers just couldn't get to the venue. Those that did manage to get through the snow had a great time and were treated once again to the delights of Taffy's Discotech.
Xmas Party 19.12.09


Hartlepool Wadokai End of Year Training Course, with Sensei Peter May
Saturday 19th December 2009,

The club invited Sensei Peter May up once again for another great training course to finish the year off with a bang!
HW Peter May Course 19.12.09


First Aid Training
Sunday 13th December 2009,

Carl attended a First Aid course run by the HM Coastguard (special thanks to Greg Albrighton for arranging this!).


Sports Coach UK - Safeguarding & Protecting Children Course
Tuesday 8th December 2009,

Carl, Amy, Diane & Erin (both are the clubs welfare officers) attended this SCUK workshop at Teesside University.


The 6th Hartlepool Wadokai Cup
Sunday 6th December 2009,

Our sixth club-only championships were by far the biggest and best ever! I know we say that every year, but this year it surpassed everyone's expectations by far. I would like to thank the army of volunteers and officials, some of whom travelled all the way from Birmingham and Derbyshire just to help out in the competition - completely free of charge! Because of the great efforts of every one of the volunteers and officials, we ended up finishing the day TWO HOURS earlier than scheduled.
6th Hartlepool Wadokai Cup

Visit the Gallery to see the pictures from the day and to read the full report, please click here to download.


Club Belt Test
Monday 30th November 2009,

Following a very busy weekend for the club, we held a belt test for some of our white & red belt students at Owton Manor Primary School. We're pleased to say that all students were successful. See the gallery for some pics of them in action!


Way to Excellence & Dan Grade Success!
Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th November 2009,

Hartlepool Wadokai hosted the Aiwakai Way to Excellence & Dan Grading over the weekend of 28th & 29th November. The weekend was really well attended by Aiwakai clubs and all were treated to some great training, including a party on the Saturday night and a special Kumite Seminar on the Sunday with Sensei Derek Desmond from Ireland.

Hartlepool Wadokai' very own Sensei Lynne Jorgeson passed her 4th Dan on the Sunday, and Sempai Kate McCaffery passed her 1st Dan. Both were tested over the 2 day course, with an examination by Sensei Sakagami; Sensei Derek Desmond (Ireland Wadokai), Sensei Peter May, Sensei Keith Walker and Sensei Mick Ryde.

A fantastic effort, well done...!

See the gallery for pictures and a full report can be downloaded from the Aiwakai website www.aiwakaikarate.co.uk.


Provisional 2010 Event's Calendar now available
Friday 27th November 2009,

The club's provisional 2010 events calendar is now available
click here to download

The highlights are:

Aiwakai Kumite Squad Training with Sensei Keith Walker
Belle Vue Sports Centre, Hartlepool - Saturday February 6th 2010

Hartlepool Wadokai Inter-Club Invitational Karate Championships
Belle Vue Sports Centre, Hartlepool - Saturday March 20th 2010

Sensei Peter May & Sensei Lee Minion Technical Kata Seminar
Belle Vue Sports Centre, Hartlepool - Saturday July 17th 2010

Wado World Cup
Nagoya, Japan - August 14th & 15th 2010

The 46th JKF-Wadokai National Karate Championships
Tokyo, Japan - August 21st & 22nd 2010

The 7th Hartlepool Wadokai Club-Only Karate Championships Cup
Belle Vue Sports Centre, Hartlepool - Sunday October 17th 2010


Aiwakai Invitational Wado Kata Championships
Saturday 21st November 2009,

The club travelled down to Alfreton Leisure Centre in Derbyshire for the Aiwakai Invitational Wado Kata Championships yesterday. For some of our students that attended, this was there first entry into a national competition. Most categories were using the reperchage method - for those of you that don't know, this is basically a system of ensuring that the best 4 people in each division end up with a medal. Anyone who was eliminated by a finalist ends up challenging each other for joint third place. This usually means that those with the 3rd place medals actually won MORE bouts than those with 1st & 2nd! Sensei Lynne was asked to be a judge at the event and she didn't try to land an airplane once so we were all proud of her!

The following students entered the competition:

  • Sempai Kate
  • Sempai Beth
  • Harvey Kerridge
  • Phil Salmons
  • Roy Salmons
  • Sam Tillot-Gray
  • Alana Albrighton
  • Andrew Morgan
  • Connor Dougherty
  • Sensei Carl
  • Sensei Amy

Our club has always focussed on Kumite over Kata, so the students more than exceeded my expectations with the following results:

  • Sempai Kate - 3rd Place, Individual Kata
  • Phil Salmons - 3rd Place, Under 13yrs Pairs Kata, & 3rd Place Individual Kata
  • Roy Salmons - 3rd Place, Individual Kata
  • Sam Tillot-Gray - 3rd Place, Individual Kata
  • Andrew Morgan - 3rd Place, Under 13yrs Pairs Kata
  • Sensei Carl - 3rd place, Senior Mens Individual Kata
  • Sensei Amy - 2nd place, Senior Female Individual Kata

Special mention to Phil Salmons, who ended up being in two of our Junior Pairs Teams (He was covering a student who couldn't make it due to sickness) and even had to vs himself! Needless to say he won, ending up with a 3rd place!

Well done to everyone who entered the competition, you all performed admirably. This is a great foundation for the club to build on for next year's nationals!


New Hartlepool Wadokai Syllabus
Thursday 19th November 2009,

We have just placed an order of the BRAND NEW Hartlepool Wadokai Syllabus Book. We'll only have a limited number of these for sale before Christmas, so make sure you get your order in asap. They'll be selling at £10.00 each. Features: 68 pages, All Kyu Grade Syllabus (Japanese & English explanations), Photos of all Punching blocks, Kicking blocks & Kumite Gata, Japanese terminology.


After School Classes - West Park Primary School
Thursday 19th November 2009,

Today was the last of an 8 week After School Karate trial at West Park Primary School. As with the PE classes, we awarded each student a certificate and leaflet/free lesson. Some of the kids were also given 100% attendance awards too.


PE Classes - West Park Primary School
Wednesday 18th November 2009,

This morning, Sensei Lynne and Carl attended a school assembly at West Park Primary School. We were treated to 200 kids singing some hymns that they have been practising and then we took over the assembly to award 29 certificates. The certificates were for all the students from Ms Minto's class, Hartlepool Wadokai took over her PE Class for 6 weeks of Karate lessons. We started with having the full class stand up and bow saying 'ohayo gozaimasu' - good morning in japanese! - some of the japanese we'd been teaching them, then we called each name out and awarded the certificates individually along with an envelope with a leaflet about our club and a voucher for a FREE Karate lesson at our club too.

We will restart our PE classes at West Park Primary in January.


North East Karate Championships, Sunderland
Sunday 15th November 2009,

Amy was flying the flag for the club at the North East Karate Championships, held at the Crowtree Leisure Centre in Sunderland. Amy ended up taking 3rd place in Kata with some fantastic performances that had some of the officials commenting on how good her Kushanku was! She also got 3rd place in Ladies Kumite (-65kg), though she was disappointed with this result...

Well done Amy, your now matching Carl on the number of medals you've won!


Sakagami Sensei, Training & Grading Course
Sunday 15th November 2009,

Hartlepool Wadokai were invited to the Hartlepool Kihon-Do Karate Club at Manor College of Technology for a Training and Grading course with Sensei Sakagami. We pre-tested our Purple belt juniors on Wed 11th, to see who was ready to grade. All the students we selected passed with flying colours and were fantastic ambassadors to our club - well done! Sensei Michael & Carl along with an injured Sensei Lynne (who couldn't train) were there to support the students.

The juniors posing with Sakagami Sensei

The following students were successful with their belt tests:

  • Vince Dawkins - 2nd Kyu
  • Beth Gray - 2nd Kyu
  • Jasmin Langley - 3rd Kyu
  • Luke Dawkins - 3rd Kyu
  • Joel Copeman - 3rd Kyu
  • Daniel White - 3rd Kyu
  • Connor Dougherty - 3rd Kyu
  • Charlotte Welsh - 3rd Kyu

A special mention to the following students who also trained with Sensei, but didn't attempt a belt test:

  • Connor Butterfield
  • Kate McCaffery
  • Andrew Fleet
  • Keith Windross
  • Graham Field

Well done once again to all students who graded, you all really deserved your passes! Now the real hard work starts, now that you're brown belts!!!


Sponsored Walk
Saturday 14th November 2009

The days news channels were announcing 'the worst storms of the year' across most of the UK with gale force winds in Hartlepool too. This didn't stop our club from completing an 8 mile sponsored walk along Hartlepool's North Sea coastline!

Starting position - Hartlepool Divers Club

The annual sponsored event raises funds for the annual club-only competition which will be held on Sunday 6th December. The worst of the weather actually stayed away whilst we were walking and everyone had a great time, we even had some of our newbies turn up to do the walk too!

It was also great to see so many of our Seniors joining us for the walk too. Above shows Andrew (left) and Keith (right) with their bribes of coffee for Sensei Lynne!

We started the walk at Hartlepool Divers Club on Hartlepool Marina and walked over the loch gates and along the promenade and beach to the Seaton Carew clock tower. We paused for a few minutes whilst the juniors practised their kata (no really!) and the seniors grabbed a coffee from one of the local shops. Then we headed back the way we came for hot dogs, snacks and drinks at the Divers club.

Thanks to everyone who turned up in less than perfect weather for the walk, and also thanks to everyone who's sponsored the club too. Please remember to get the sponsors in asap!

All the pictures are now available on the website gallery...


Aiwakai Way to Excellence
Sunday 1st November 2009, Alfreton Leisure Centre, Derbyshire

Members of the club attended this Aiwakai course that forms part of the association's Dan Grading Program.



Photo Uploads
The photos from the following events gave now been uploaded to the gallery:

Lee Minion Course - 17.10.09
Peter May Course - 20.09.09
Keith Walker Course - 12.09.09

Club Investment
Also, we have continued our investment into the club coaches and volunteers by booking and paying for the following courses, to the value of £210.00:

Tuesday December 8th 2009, 6-9pm - Sport Coach UK, Child Protection - Erin, Diane, Carl, Amy
Thursday 4th February 2010, 6-9pm - Sport Coach UK, Equity in your Coaching - Carl, Amy, Lynne, Michael (Possibly Vince)
Tuesday 9th March 2010, 6-9pm - Sport Coach UK, Working with disabled performers - Lynne, Carl

6th Hartlepool Wadokai Cup
Finally, we've set up a special web page on the site just so that you can keep abreast of the latest developments regarding the club competition.

We've sent off the cheque to JC Trophies for tons of medals...
We've also invited the Hartlepool MP, Mr Iain Wright to attend the comp and award the medals/trophies...

- The club comp is on Sunday December 6th.


Wadokai European Championships
Saturday 24th October 2009,

Carl & Amy were part of the 37 strong Wadokai England Squad that flew over to Dublin Ireland for the Wadokai European Karate Championships. Sensei Lynne also flew over for the trip in a coaching (and much needed physio) capacity. The event was held at the ALSAA sports centre at Dublin Airport on Saturday 24th October.

The England squad ended up bringing home 36 medals, including 5 medals from Carl and Amy.

Senior Team Kata - GOLD

Senior Female Kata - BRONZE
Senior Female Kumite -55kg - SILVER
Senior Team Kata - SILVER
Senior Team Kumite - SILVER

I think you'd all agree that Amy performed fantastically well, and is getting better all the time. I think she's the one to watch for the Wado World Cup next August!. A more comprehensive report of the competition can be read in the latest Aiwakai newsletter, visit www.aiwakaikarate.co.uk



Hartlepool Mail Article - Japan trip
20th October 2009

Hi all,

In case you read with your eyes closed OR you don't read the Hartlepool Mail, I'd like to direct your attention to the following article...

Mail Article

As always with the media, some of the facts have been lost and replaced so I'd like to clarify. Sensei Lynne Jorgeson is the Chief Instructor for Hartlepool Wadokai, I am simply the first Professional Karate Instructor for the club. Also, Amy got her 1st dan in England before flying out to Japan and I got my 2nd Dan in Japan... I think that's it.

I hope you enjoy laughing at our horrible pics... :-)

Reporting from Dublin, Ireland


This is an update of the preparations for the 6th Hartlepool Wadokai Cup, I can guarantee it's going to be bigger and better than ever!

  • We've ordered the Medals and Trophies from JC Trophies, to the tune of £2178.93.
  • We've invited the Hartlepool MP, Mr Iain Wright to the competition view the invite letter here
  • Mr Iain Wright, the MP for Hartlepool has kindly accepted our invite to attend our competition and award the medals.
  • We have invited Sensei Mick Ryde & Sensei Sue Ryde from Ripley Aiwakai Karate Club to help with the competition.
  • Sensei Mick Ryde has agreed to be the Chief Referee for the competition.
  • Sensei Nicole Wardell from Kobukan Darlington Karate Club has also agreed to help officiate at the competition.
  • Entry forms are now available and can be downloaded here
  • We've purchased another Electronic scoreboard so that we can run TWO Kumite areas.


    National Wadokai Squad Training
    Sunday 18th October 2009, Ikon Dojo, Wolverhampton

    Carl & Amy attended this squad training session in preparation for the Wadokai European Championships.


    Sensei Lee Minion Training Course
    Saturday 17th October 2009, Belle Vue Sports Centre, Hartlepool

    Hartlepool Wadokai were very pleased to be able to bring Sensei Lee Minion to the club for the very first time. Sensei Minion is a fantastic coach, and was the head coach for the Wadokai England National Team for over 10 years. After a brief break, Sensei Minion returned to help coach the Kata squad making him the longest serving, and most successful Wadokai Coach.

    Sensei worked through the usual stuff, basics, kata, kumite. Though he brought his usual great sense of humour and some great ways of getting everyone working hard and learning loads. I'm looking forward to the next course with Sensei Lee Minion!


    National Wadokai Squad Training
    Sunday 11th October 2009, Ikon Centre, Wolverhampton

    Carl & Amy attended this squad training in Wolverhampton.


    Hartlepool Wadokai EGM
    Wednesday 7th October 2009, Owton Manor Primary School

    The club held an Extraordinary General Meeting to confirm the club's accounts from 2008-2009 and to agree to implement the business plan put together for 2009-2014. The minutes are available to members upon request.


    Aiwakai Way to Excellence Course, Leeds
    Saturday 27th September 2009,

    Sensei' Lynne, Michael, Carl and Amy attended the the Way to Excellence course hosted by Leeds Wadokai. Our SatNav decided to announce 'you've reached your destination' whilst we were in heavy traffic under a bridge. We eventually found the venue with time to spare and it was great to catch up with so many old friends before the session started.

    Once we got through Keith Walker Sensei' gruelling warm up, we moved onto basics and combination work before working on Pinan Kata. After this the kyu grades were split from the Dan grades, we were put through Seishan kata by Sakagami Sensei. Then we moved onto Kihon Kumite and Tanto Dori (Knife Defence) and I particularly enjoyed discussing the subtle differences between what I learned in Japan (Shiramizu) and Sakagami' Sensei approach, and the reason's for both.

    We all thought we were finished but Keith Walker was given the reigns again, and he had us all shadow sparring for ages! This was tough at the end of a 4 hour training session but they weren't finished yet. We lined up for what we thought would be the final bow, but Sakagami Sensei asked Peter May Sensei to put us through some final basics.

    All in all, it was a really tough session, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.


    Sensei Peter May, Training & Grading Course
    Saturday 20th September 2009,

    Once again, we invited Sensei Peter May up to the club for another great training and grading session. As usual, Sensei asked us what we wanted him to work on, and this time around we asked him to be really tough on everyone. Especially since our students have forgotton how to stay in their stances. In fact, if you look at the pic above, you'll see one student in the front row that has a very dodgy stance (don't worry, we made sure Sam got press-ups!)... The juniors were also given Kata tips for the upcoming Aiwakai Invitational Wado Kata Championships. Once again Kobukan Darlington sent their cadets - thanks for your support guys!

    Check out the pose...!

    Despite Sensei being extra tough on them, they all still had a great time and the coaches have got tons of stuff to work on for the Aiwakai Kata competition.

    Next up was a kyu grading, the nerves were clearly showing with some of the juniors but they managed to battle through to get their next belt.

    The Seniors were up next, and we had a great turnout with support from Sensei Rob Jewitt's Satori Wado-Ryu Club, and Sensei Mick Stainsby's Kihon-Do Karate Club. Because the class had a mix of grades from red belt right through to Senior Dan Grades, Sensei Peter May worked his magic to make sure everyone got something out of the session.

    Thanks again to Sensei for another great course! The next Sensei Peter May Course will be December 19th...


    English Karate Federation (EKF) Squad Training
    Sunday 13th September 2009, Ripon

    Still recovering from the gruelling Sensei Keith Walker Kumite course, Carl and Amy attended their first EKF Squad Training session which was led by the legendary Sensei Wayne Otto and his great coaching team. After a tough warm up, the 'A' squad split from the rest and everyone was put through some really good fight drills and exercises. The coaches were very laid back, and with good humour got everyone fired up and giving their best.
    It was a thoroughly enjoyable session, I can't wait until the next one!


    Sensei Keith Walker Kumite Course
    Saturday 12th September 2009, Hartlepool

    This was the first time that we'd invited Keith Walker Sensei up to run a course for us and he certainly didn't disappoint. Sensei started by putting the juniors through their paces with some great drills and exercises that ensured everyone worked hard, but had a great time with it! Sensei also made it his mission to fight every student, and in true Keith Walker style, ensure he kicked each of them round the head or dropped them to the floor - at least once!



    After the Juniors session, it was the turn of the seniors. Once again, they worked through some great drills and exercises. This time spending more time on the finer details and tactics of Kumite. Once again, Sensei finished off by trying to kick all the students round the head or drop them...

    Special thanks to Kobukan Darlington Karate Club for their support.
    Keep checking the website and newsletter for details of the next course with Sensei Keith Walker.
    Check the gallery for all the pics of the course...


    British Karate Federation (BKF) Karate Championships
    Saturday 5th September 2009, Edinburgh

    Sensei Carl and Amy attended the British Karate Championships in Edinburgh on 5th & 6th September.

    This was only the second competition they had entered since coming back from Japan, and they'd never competed in this event before. Both were keen to get some mat-time and see what they need to work on before the Wadokai Europeans.
    Unfortunately, neither Carl nor Amy managed to medal but i'm sure they'll keep at it!


    Corporate Karate
    September 2009, Hartlepool

    ‘I have a strange favour to ask you’ was the way a telephone conversation started between Carl Jorgeson, Development Officer for Hartlepool Wadokai Karate Club and Andrew Drummond, the training Manager for Hartlepool based Garlands Call Centre.

    Andrew asked Carl to visit Garlands and help in their management training program but the brief given was a little unusual. ‘We want you to pretend to be like the bad guy Sensei from the Karate Kid movie’. The session didn’t last more than 30 minutes, but it was a great way to build links between Karate and one of the biggest Private Employers in the North East.

    The press release covers the outline of the training program.

    Press Release

    Call Centre managers learn black belt leadership

    Tees Valley and South Tyneside, UK, 18th September 2009. Outsourced customer contact specialists Garlands Call Centres have called on the services of local karate association Hartlepool Wadokai to inspire its managers to lead by example.

    It’s all part of an intensive leadership and cultural change program called ‘Soul Train’ that’s designed to set new performance benchmarks to raise quality and set Garlands apart from its competitors. Since the program was introduced in August, 30 Directors, Managers, Coaches and Trainers have been through the training - that’s designed not just to instill a powerful winning mindset but also to deliver easy-to-use tools and techniques to improve management and coaching skills, and enhance communication skills. The Soul Train programme was designed by Results International PLC and developed to meet Garlands’ needs.

    A key element of the program is an exercise called 'Karate Levers', and it was the idea of Garlands training manager Andrew Drummond and Results International Business Coach Dave Evans to invite Carl Jorgeson, a karate master from the Hartlepool Wadokai, to Garlands last Friday to judge the group's progress and give a practical demonstration of the principles being taught.

    “You can imagine the look on people’s faces when an actual black-belt turned up to put our group through its paces”” said Andrew Drummond. “We wanted people to demonstrate the techniques they’d learnt in a real live situation and we gave Carl a brief to exhibit some of the behaviours of the karate instructor from the 80s movie Karate Kid! It was hugely entertaining – but with a hard business message as well. It was all about visualising success, and about the importance of speed, working to goals, and aiming beyond immediate targets.”

    “The principles of good leadership are very similar to those taught in karate” explains Carl Jorgeson. “To complete a business task successfully you need to visualise success and have goals beyond what you’re trying to do – just like you do when undertaking a move, such as throwing a punch, in karate. There’s a difference between a strong punch and an effective punch, like in business, there’s a difference between getting a job done and getting it done right.”

    “We’ve been delighted by the impact the Soul Train program had had on inspiring our managers to be better leaders” says Steve Norman, Business Development Director at Garlands. “We are confident that this learning will now be communicated and coached throughout the organisation to improve the results we achieve for all our clients.”

    This article has since featured in the Hartlepool Mail...


    Climbing Mount Fuji
    17th & 18th August 2009

    Mountain Ninja (left), Mountain Gopher (middle) & of course, the Mountain Jester (right)!

    As you know, Carl travelled back to Japan for the JKF-Wadokai Nationals. The day after the comp, he took part in an international expedition to climb Mount Fuji. Carl hiked alongside Chris Heinmiller, a 2nd Dan Taekwondo exponent from Canada & Louise Fisk, a 3rd Dan in JKF-Wadokai Karate. Mount Fuji is Japan's highest (3776m) and most famous mountain and climbing it was tough going! At times it felt like we were climbing with half the population of Japan (about 60million people), especially on the narrower tracks. The end result was catching a fantastic sunrise from the summit, some great posing shots and then the looooooooong descent back down.


    The 45th JKF-Wadokai All-Japan National Championships
    15th & 16th August 2009

    To read the full report, please click here


    Committee Changes
    7th August 2009

    On Friday 7th August 2009, Debbie Muldown stepped down as Chairman for Hartlepool Wadokai.

    On behalf of everyone at the club, I'd like to thank Debbie for many years of hard work on behalf of the club and its membership, and we wish her well for the future.

    We are holding an EGM in September to discuss the new direction for the club, at this meeting we will vote for a new chairman. Until that time, Vince Dawkins (Vice Chairman) will step up into the Chairman role. All nominations for Chairman need to be submitted in writing before September 6th.


    Japan - The Returneth...!
    Sunday 9th August 2009,

    Yes yes... as I've already posted. I'm returning to Japan tomorrow... All i've got to do is fit all the stuff in the photo into my backpack and i'm ready to go.

    As you can see, I've got all the essentials including:

  • 5 Karate suits...
  • 4 karate belts
  • 3 backpacks - various sizes
  • 2 walking sticks
  • 1 really cool head torch
  • karate safety gear
  • first aid kit
  • sleeping bag
  • Bisto Gravy
  • Chocolate
  • PG Tips T bags
  • Lynx deoderant and Shower Gel
  • and of course... my laptop and IPod! AND, you may ask yourself WHY I would want to return to Japan when I've only been back in the UK for five and a half weeks. No, It's not the wallet-crunching recession, or the mild weather, or the weird food...

    ...it's the family!

    Now, that MAY seem harsh but let's consider that for a moment. The folks have had me working hard in their big old house over the last few weeks doing this...

    making this small window-hole into a massive 8ft deep x 8ft long x 5ft wide hole that we've surrounded with a solid brick wall and staircase...

    If that wasn't enough, we also found Human Bones whilst digging. Soooo, we had to notify the police, and in true form, they turned up en-masse... about 15 coppers in total! After a few hours of halted play, a university professor turned up to examine the bones. He decided that they were ancient and that we weren't in fact serial killers, so the Police left and we had to notifty the local archeologists.

    Thus began a day-long archeological dig. It turns out that we uncovered parts of three people, very likely nuns from about 640AD - similar to the one that Channel 4's Time Team uncovered in the front garden in 2000.

    In other news, Amy has had us moving back into our own house after 18 months away from it. So we've, Ok, Amy's been really busy cleaning and unpacking and generally making the house look pretty. So in between trips to Ikea, removing a strange accumulation of 28 inch CRT TV's, and re-setting up our home-dojo, I've been doing my best to resist Amy's insistence that we do actually have to go home eventually.

    Amy, busy building an Ikea light, whilst I drink tea and criticise...


    25 years not out...!
    Saturday 8th August 2009,

    Cutting of the neck... I mean, cake!!!

    Yesterday, a lot of the Hartlepool Wadokai seniors descended upon Hartlepool Divers Club for the 25th anniversary of two of our Executive Committee. Those being Mrs Diane Wilmot, who is one half of our Club Welfare Officer, and Mr Steven Wilmot, otherwise known as 'The Godfather', a man of many talents who not only designed our great club badge, but is also the club press officer, editor of our newsletter AND webmaster of the specially designed 'kids section' of the club website.

    The party was a great success, with a great crowd (courtesy of the family), great food (courtesy of Trio Catering) and great music (courtesy of Alan Turner aka Taffy! http://www.taffysdiscotech.co.uk/).

    Congratulations on surviving 25 years of marraige from everyone at Hartlepool Wadokai.


    Japan - The return
    August 2009,

    This is Sensei Carl with Masatoshi Arakawa, the youngest son of Takamasa Arakawa Sensei.
    It may just be a coincidence, but Carl had to leave the country shortly after this picture was taken... :-)

    Yes that's right, Sensei Carl has been back in the UK for less than 6 weeks but he's getting ready to fly back on Monday 10th August (until the 20th).

    He's returning for the 45th JKF-Wadokai All-Japan National Championships were he'll be competing against the best of the best from Japan in Kata (pre-arranged form) and Kumite (fighting). To prepare for the competition, Carl will be returning to Sensei Takamasa Arakawa' (6th Dan JKF-Wadokai) Shiramizu Dojo where he'll be training daily.

    Carl also competed at last year's event where he placed in the 'best 16' for Kumite, though didn't get through the first round of Kata. This was still quite a good result considering it was his first ever competition in Japan, and the first time he'd ever competed in Kata in anything bigger than a club-only event.

    Whilst there, Carl will also be taking part in an International Expedition to climb all 3776 metres of Mount Fuji, the largest and most famous mountain in Japan. He'll be climbing the mountain the day after the Japan Nationals alongside his adopted Karate Sister, Louise Fisk (from New Zealand) and Chris Heinmiller (from Canada) and hoping to reach the summit for sunrise of the 17th August.

    We'll keep you informed of Carl's progress in Japan...


    Cinema Trip
    Wednesday 22nd August 2009,


    During our Summer School, which runs from July 20th until August 7th, we managed to negotiate a special discount for our students at Vue Cinema. We all decided to head down to our local Vue Cinema on Wednesday 22nd July to see Ice Age 3 - 3D, which was fantastic...!

    Special thanks to the Vue Hartlepool Management for making the trip possible...


    Stranton Primary School
    July 2009,

    For the last few months, the club has been running a conditioning class every Saturday morning at Stranton Primary School. Since Amy and I have been back, we've turned this into a two hour Karate class. The attendance hasn't been particularly inspiring, but every student that turns up has worked really hard and had a great time doing it - what more can you want?

    We started out with some basics...

    Also at today's class, we continued on with the a theme running through our Summer School - Tanto Dori, or knife defence. This stuff is usually not taught until a student reaches black belt, in fact in Aiwakai (our association) it's not needed until a student tries for 3rd Dan, so it's very advanced stuff.

    Despite the advanced nature, and the fact that we had a mix of grades from yellow (8th Kyu) through to purple belt (4th Kyu), the kids did great.

    We worked through the first 3 knife defences which in Japanese are called

    No1: (pronounciation = u-de-ga-ra-mi-do-ri) Udegarami-dori

    No 2: (pronounciation = ko-te-na-ge-do-ri) Kotenage-dori

    No 3: (pronounciation = u-n-ga-do-ri) Unga-dori

    We also made sure they all knew how to breakfall correctly, with amusing results...


    Sensei Peter May Training & Grading Course
    Saturday 11th July 2009,

    Today we had yet another great training course with Sensei Peter May, 6th Dan who was as usual assisted by Sensei Mairi Kerin.

    The kids trained first with Sensei putting everyone through the basics, including some simple but effective reaction training.

    Then, everyone moved onto basics and Kata training. To finish off, Sensei and Mairi put the kids through their paces with some Grappling Drills which everyone of them loved.

    The Seniors started with basics, and moved onto some great sparring drills and finished off with an indepth look at Seishan Kata - which was completely for Carl and Amy's benefit because it's the compulsory Kata for the European Championships in October.

    A little bird told us that it was Sensei Peter May's birthday on the following Monday, so we got him a delicious chocolate cake after the kids session to make sure he was suitably embarrassed.

    The Usual Suspects - (L-R) Sensei' Mairi, Lynne, Michael, Carl, Sensei Peter May, Vince, Amy

    Thanks again to Sensei for another great course. The next one is booked for September 20th at the same venue.


    National Wadokai Squad Selections - Report
    Sunday 5th July 2009,

    Despite only arriving back in the UK on Wednesday 1st July, Amy and I were eager to head on down to Birmingham for the Wadokai England Squad training session on Saturday 4th July.

    The squad session was also selections for the 2009 FEW European Championships which will be held in Dublin, Ireland in October. The session was split into different time slots for Kata (12:00-14:00) & Kumite (14:00-16:00)

    Amy and I decided to use the Kata session as a warm up for the Kumite. Sensei' Peter May & Lee Minion put us all through our paces in basics and Chinto. The instructors spent time going over the finer points of the WKF Kata rules and what the referees are looking for. Also, we were all asked to perform our favourite kata in front of everyone and some of us were also asked to perform Seishan which is the compulsory Kata for the European Championships.

    After the individual training, we were put into teams of 3. I was paired up with two lads who are used to competing in Kata at a high level. We decided to do Seishan because the speed of the Kata gave us all chance to synchronise.

    The Kata session was really good, and I personally felt that it was tailored completely to what I needed to make my Kata even better - this is obvioulsy the sign of a great coach!

    We had a few minutes and then we went straight into the Kumite session. We were put through a warm up by Sensei Andy Genery 7th Dan which included a few pairs drills. We then formed lines to do a few minutes of fight drills and then went onto the selections which basically meant that we were sat around for hours and then called up to fight. I remember thinking that the only two people I didn't want to fight were Matt and Dale...

    My first fight was against Mat Hubber, a fellow Aiwakai guy who until very recently was training with Sensei Keith Walker, Matt also took the mens title at the Aiwakai National Championships in May. It was a good fight, but sometimes a little scrappy though I managed to secure the win.

    My Second fight was against Dale from Sensei Lee Minions Derby Karate Academy. This was another close fight, Dale started well with a solid lead hand punch to my right eye socket. The fight went right down to the wire with me lagging by one point, I managed to equalise right on the buzzer. The fight then went to Sai Shiai which is a new change to the rules, all points and penalties are wiped from the board and a completely new fight takes place for one minute (the old rules was - first to score). This is was my first experience with this rule change and it certainly got the adrenalin going because you have to dominate for the full minute rather than simply getting a cheaky point in the first few seconds. I went onto win this fight though I can't remember the score.

    Amy was moving well, but she needed to be more clear with her techniques. She ended up winning one fight and losing one fight, but her performances were good in both cases.

    We were informed on Saturday (11th) that both Amy and I have been selected for the England Squad. I've been selected for Kumite and Kata (which was a huuuuge surprise!) and Amy has been selected for Kumite and is a reserve for the Kata team.

    Overall not a bad result for the club...


    Temporary Class Changes

    Due to issues outside of our control, we have had to take the temporary step of relocating our 'Friday' class from the Belle Vue Sports Centre to Owton Manor Primary School. We have also slightly changed the times to 1830-1930 (Kids Beginner Class) & 1930-2030 (Intermediate & Advanced Kids Class) & 2030-2200 (Advanced Adult Class).

    This is a temporary measure for the following dates only:

    Friday 3rd July 2009

    Friday 10th July 2009

    As yet, we are not sure where the Friday class will be after these dates though the class will definitely continue at one of these sites.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we will resolve this matter as soon as possible.


    More new September classes confirmed...
    June 2009,

    Stranton Primary School (From 12th September)
    10:00am-11:00am - Kids (All Grades)
    11:00am-12:00am - Conditioning Class (existing class, reduced to one hour)

    Brougham Primary School (From 15th September)
    3:30pm-4:30pm - Kids (All Grades)


    New September classes confirmed...
    June 2009,

    We have the pleasure of announcing 3 new Karate Classes that will be available from September...

    Monday - St Helen's Primary School
    3:15pm-4:15pm - Kids (St Helen's After School Club Only)
    4:15pm-5:15pm - Kids (All Grades)

    Wednesday - St Helen's Primary School
    3:15pm-4:15pm - Kids (St Helen's After School Club Only)
    4:15pm-5:15pm - Kids (All Grades)

    Thursday - St Helen's Primary School
    4pm-5pm - Kids (All Grades)

    These classes will start from September 7th 2009...


    Saucy Spills - Sensei Lynne is famous
    June 2009,

    Sensei Lynne was recently snapped by the local newspaper...

    Follow this link to find out why: http://www.hartlepoolmail.co.uk/news/Saucy-spill-causes-traffic-chaos.5337198.jp


    Aiwakai National Karate Championships - Mikey's Report
    Saturday 23rd May 2009,

    To read the full report, please click here


    Aiwakai National Karate Championships - Full results
    Saturday 23rd May 2009,

    The full results for the Aiwakai National Championship are available for download from the Aiwakai website, www.aiwakaikarate.co.uk

    Hartlepool Wadokai finished ranked 1st (for total number of medals) and 2nd overall (on points). Well done to EVERYONE who entered... a fantastic result!

    Next Events
    The Aiwakai Summer Course, June 5th, 6th & 7th has a Special Guest Instructor - Sensei Derek Desmond, the Irish National Kumite Coach who will be running a kumite seminar over the weekend.

    Also, the next Wadokai England squad session is June 14th...

    ...Please speak to an instructor if you'd like to attend either of these events.


    Aiwakai National Karate Championships - Club Success!!!
    Saturday 23rd May 2009,

    The club hired a coach for everyone to get to the Aiwakai Nationals, but that meant a VERY early start for everyone. Hartlepool Wadokai had the most entries (18!) in the competition out of all the Aiwakai clubs, and we brought back 20 medals! The following people entered the competition:

    • Lewis Tucker
    • Lewis Muldown
    • Jasmine Langley
    • Jack Plows
    • Connor Dougherty
    • Luke Dawkins
    • Charlotte Welsh
    • Beth Gray
    • Sam Tillot Gray
    • Amber Tillot Gray
    • Phil Salmons
    • Bailey Reed
    • Kate McCafferey
    • Amy Comb
    • Vince Dawkins
    • Mikey Jorgeson
    • Lynne Jorgeson
    • Michael Jorgeson

    Lewis Muldown
    • 1st ’10-12 years, 4.5ft and below’ Kumite
    • 1st ’10-12 years, 4.5ft and above’ Kumite

    Jasmine Langley
    • 1st ’10-12 years’ Kumite

    Jack Plows
    • 2nd ‘4th Kyu and below, 10-12 years’ Kata
    • 2nd ’10-12 years, 4.5ft and above’ Kumite

    Luke Dawkins
    • Joint 3rd ‘4th Kyu and below, 10-12 years’ Kumite

    Charlotte Welsh
    • 2nd ’13-15 years, 6th Kyu-3rd kyu’ kata
    • 2nd ’13-15 years, 4.8ft and above’ Kumite

    Beth Gray
    • Joint 3rd ‘Junior 6th Kyu – 3rd Kyu’ Kata
    • Joint 3rd ‘Junior 13 – 15 years’ Kumite

    Sam Tillot Gray
    • Joint 3rd ‘Peewee’ Kata

    Phil Salmons
    • Joint 3rd ’10-12 years, 4.5ft and below’ Kumite
    • Joint 3rd ’10-12 years, 4.5ft and above’ Kumite

    Bailey Reed
    • Joint 3rd ‘Peewee’ Kata

    Kate McCafferey
    • Joint 3rd ‘2nd Kyu – Black belt’ Kata

    Amy Comb
    • 1st ‘3rd Kyu – 1st Kyu’ Kata
    • 3rd ‘Senior Open Grade, 16 years +’ Kumite

    Mikey Jorgeson
    • Joint 3rd ‘Senior Open Grade’ Kata

    Lynne Jorgeson
    • Joint 3rd Veterans Kata

    Michael Jorgeson
    • Joint 3rd Veterans Kata

    Special Mention to Lewis Muldown and Phil Salmons, both were entered into the Kumite '4.5ft and below' category, but there were only 3 competitors in the division. So they were asked if they would enter the '4.5ft and above' division too! Obviously they entered, but they also managed to get medals too! With Pint Sized Lewis winning the category!

    Also, another Special Mention for Sensei Lynne, and Sensei Michael. Both entered the Veteran's Kata division and both came away with Joint 3rd place! - I'm just pleased that they didn't get to the final!!! :-)

    Keep a look out for some pictures and a full write up... coming soon...


    New Karate Classes - Manor Primary School
    Monday 18th May 2009,

    We are pleased to announce that as of Monday 18th May, we are running weekly Karate classes at Manor Primary School. The schedule is as follows:

    Kids Class (All Grades) - 6pm - 7pm
    Adult Class (All Grades) - 7pm - 9pm

    All classes are open to NEW and EXISTING students...


    Hartlepool Wadokai AGM
    20th April 2009,

    We recently had our AGM. The minutes were kindly taken by Julia Gowland, and they can be downloaded here


    Aiwakai Way to Excellence Course - hosted by Hartlepool Wadokai
    Sunday 19th April 2009,

    Hartlepool Wadokai was selected to host this edition of the Aiwakai Way to Excellence program...

    Sensei Vince (right) in action

    A lot of people from our club attended, and the course itself had a very good turnout with over 60 people.

    Mikey and Kate
    Before Kate dropped Mikey!


    Sakagami Sensei looks on... in despair?

    As usual with these events, the students were put through their paces by Aiwakai' top instructors.

    Sensei Lynne, and Sensei Michael

    Everyone worked hard on the Sensei' teachings, all of which is necessary for those wanting to reach black belt...

    Some of the Darlington lot enjoy a bit of a tussle...

    ...though, as you can see, it wasn't all work!

    Some confirmed dates in the Way To Excellence program are as follows:

    September 27th - hosted by Leeds Wadokai
    November 28th & 29th - hosted by Hartlepool Wadokai

    The November event in Hartlepool will also include this years Aiwakai Dan Grading, and there will be a Social Event/Party on the Saturday evening.


    Diary Dates
    April 2009,

    The following dates have been confirmed and should be entered into your Diary.

    Training & Grading Course, with Sensei Peter May - Sunday July 11th - 12-6ish

    Special Kumite Course (Instructor to confirm) - Sunday September 13th - 12-6ish

    Training & Grading Course, with Sensei Peter May - Sunday September 20th - 12-6ish

    Special Kumite Course, with Sensei Lee Minion - Saturday October 17th - 12-5pm

    End of Year Training & Grading Course, with Sensei Peter May- Sunday December 19th - 11-5ish


    JKF-Wadokai Kanto Championships
    22nd March 2009, Chiba, Japan

    Team Shiramizu!
    Photo take from the Blog of Arakawa Sensei (Japanese Only)

    The Kanto area of Japan includes a number of prefectures including Saitama, Chiba and Tokyo which makes this competition and every category huge! Carl & Amy entered as part of the Shiramizu team. Amy did great in kata, beating some good quality competitors to finish 'best 8!'. Both would agree that they didn't fight their best in the Kumite divisions, Carl crashed out in the third round against someone who insisted on trying to give him concussion! Results are as follows:

    Amy - 'Best 8' Kata

    Carl - 'Best 16' Kumite

    Well Done to Amy on her achievement in Kata, she's certainly put in the time and effort to deserve this placing! Visit the Japan Karate Intern Blog for a full write up.


    Aikido & Massage Event
    20th March 2009, Hartlepool

    Hartlepool Wadokai recently hosted a visit from a local 'Sports Injury Massage' instructor, who also happens to teach Aikido. A few members of the club were taught a number of massage & Aikido techniques during the class.


    Chiba Area JKF-Wadokai Dan test
    15th March 2009, Chiba, Japan

    Carl recently achieved his Nidan (2nd Dan) at this dan (Black Belt) test in front of a panel of 10 Japanese Sensei!


    Training & Grading Course
    7th March 2009, Hartlepool

    Hartlepool Wadokai recently held a Training & Grading course at the Belle Vue Sports Centre. Congratulations to everyone who passed! A full list will follow shortly...


    TASK Invitational Inter-Club Championships
    27th February 2009, Stockton

    Hartlepool Wadokai only entered a small squad of 7 competitors into this competition. Despite this, we still brought back an impressive 5 trophies! A great result for the club... well done to everyone who took part!

    Results are as follows:

    Lewis Tucker - 3rd Place KATA

    Joel Copeman - 3rd Place KATA

    Charlotte Welsh - 1st Place KUMITE

    Jack Plows - 2nd Place KUMITE

    Lewis Tucker - 3rd Place KUMITE


    Shiramizu Pre-Dan Test
    24th February 2009, Stockton

    Arakawa Sensei from Shiramizu (very) recently notified Carl that he would be trying for his 2nd Dan (Nidan) at the annual Chiba area dan grading. However, before Arakawa Sensei lets any student go before the grading panel, he 'pre-tests' all the candidates to see if they have what it takes.

    So on the 24th February, Carl performed a number of Kata followed by some free fighting in front of all the Shiramizu instructors. In the end he was given the 'ok' to take the test.


    Instructor Training
    23rd February 2009, Stockton

    Sensei Lynne has started a 'Sports Injury Massage' course & Assistant Instructor Vince and Junior Instructor Amy have both started a 'Sport Leader' coaching course. Hartlepool Wadokai has sponsored these individuals to attend these skill development courses provided by the Hartlepool Sports Council.


    Shiramizu Club Championships
    22nd February 2009, Saitama, Japan

    Sensei Carl in a Tiger Mask, Power Rangers & Arakawa Sensei killing a bunch of roof tiles...
    To read the full report of these championships, please click here.


    Aiwakai Way to Excellence & Winter Course
    21st & 22nd February, Alfreton Leisure Centre

    A number of students and instructors attended yet another great Aiwakai course.


    Kita-Kasushika Area Championships
    8th February 2009, Asukaru Sports Centre, Satte City, Japan

    This was the first competition of the year for Carl & Amy in Japan.

    Both did very well, the results are as follows:

  • Amy, 1st Place Kumite
  • Carl, 2nd Place Kumite
  • Carl, ‘Best 8, Kata’

    For a full report click here


    Hatsumode - Shiramizu Style...!
    14th January 2009, Tokyo, Japan

    Carl & Amy took part in the Shiramizu Dojo' annual walk to a temple, to see in the new year. To read the full report click here


    Shiramizu Start of year course
    12th January 2009, Satte City, Japan

    Amy attended this event (Carl was working). To read the report visit the Japan Karate Intern Blog


    Kagami Baraki - Nippon Budokan
    12th January 2009, Tokyo, Japan

    Carl & Amy attended this event. To read the report click here


    Hartlepool Wadokai - Start of Year Training Course
    10th January 2009, Belle Vue Sports Centre

    To see in the new year and to get rid of any Christmas cobwebs, Hartlepool Wadokai held a 'Start of Year' training course. The event was held at the Belle Vue Sports Centre and was very well attended. The course covered all the basic techniques, all the Pinan Kata and a number of 'advanced' kata.

    The course was finished with a little bit of Kumite (fighting) and finally - 1000 punches, without stopping! A great start to the new year!